The Goh Chok Tong (GCT) Enable Awards, an initiative by Goh Chok Tong Enable Fund (GCTEF), was launched on 15 January 2019. The founding of the Awards was inspired by Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who is the Patron of GCTEF.

It aims to recognise the achievements of persons with disabilities, and to motivate those with promise and potential to go the distance with their endeavours.

Details & Instructions

Award Details

  • Objective: To recognise persons with disabilities who have made significant achievements in their own fields and serve as an inspiration to others.
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Nominees must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents 18 years of age and older, with a permanent disability.
    • Nominees must demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:
      Resilience Exhibit courage and perseverance to overcome barriers in life.
      Inspiration and Community Service Of high integrity and moral character, who have contributed significantly to the community. As such, are an inspiration to others through examples and actions.
      Accomplishment Achieved exceptional accomplishments in their personal and/or professional pursuits, relative to their disabilities.

Application Instructions

  • All sections of the Nomination Form must be completed online.
  • The following supporting documents must be submitted online together with the completed Nomination Form by Wednesday, 17 July 2024:
    • A clear front and back copy of Nominee’s NRIC (Maximum of 5MB each file)
    • Proof of permanent disability (e.g. copy of medical report / doctor’s memo / membership card of a disability organisation / PTC card) (Maximum of 5MB each file)
    • Education and skills certifications (Maximum of 5MB each file)
    • Testimonials that acknowledge nominee’s character, contributions and achievements testimonies (Maximum of 5MB each file).
  • Please note that one section of the Nomination Form requires four write-ups of up to 300 words each:


    • Please provide concrete examples demonstrating the nominee’s courage and perseverance in overcoming life’s challenges since the onset of his/her disabilities.

    Inspiration and Community Service

    • Please detail how the nominee has served as a role model and contributed significantly to the community, with emphasis on the impact of the contribution(s).


    • Please share how the nominee is an exceptional achiever, demonstrated through personal and/or professional accomplishments.

    Champion for Inclusion

    • Awardees will be recognised as a “Champion for Inclusion” for the disability sector. Please share at least one example of how the nominee will be able to contribute to the sector should he/she be chosen as a Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards Awardee.